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Katherine, 22, Ireland.

Visual Communications graduate.

This is just the logical online extension of my notebook collection and hoarder mentality.

You’re not a strawberry sweet, bro, no, shut up -

No because your wrapper is fucking GREEN

And there was already a pink one, it was raspberry

Who decides, when allocating colours to flavours, that raspberry deserves pink more than strawberry

Are these people subtly fighting the system or some shit

I realise that raspberry being matched with blue makes no sense and is overdone, but if my strawberry was green I would not be eating that shit

No sir

My mom just made hard cinnamon candy and —

It’s so spicy

Like hot-wings flame-grilled in the fires of hell

It burns like the UTI of Satan


I’m doing this for my kids

If anyone’s considering proposing (HAHAHAHAHA) this would be a sure-fire way to secure my affection.  Just saying.