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Katherine, 22, Ireland.

Visual Communications graduate.

This is just the logical online extension of my notebook collection and hoarder mentality.

So many emotions, all of them for fictional Canadians

Finished rewatch of UK Queer as Folk, decided to chance my arm at the US version… 20 minutes in and I am already 300% done with this show

I can’t grasp the meaning of Nicola Masciandaro’s latest tweet - everything is utterly pointless now.

Watching my brother play Lego Lord of the Rings:

- “Get your own cornfield, SAM.”

- “Hey Sam. Sam. Come over here, look me in the eye and tell me you ain’t been eavesdropping.”

- “I like crops ‘cause you don’t have to milk them twice a day.”

- “You hear me breathing? That’s me breaking all your stuff.”

- “Could you sort of open the door for us? We’re hobbits and can’t reach the door handle. Well, dwarfs probably have the same problem…”

- *amid screams of fellow hobbits as he kills everyone in sight in rage* “I mean every hit, WHY AM I STILL IN HERE, AAAAGH,” *as Pippin screams* “You deserve it Pippin”

- “Oh my god, we have to go get his stupid soup for his stupid children. It’s near the Black Rider. Sorry, but if you want soup, go get it yourself.”

- Dad: *grunting*

  Ro: that’s what yer wan said.

Remember that time the Guys and Dolls film had the best fight scene ever, with pretty-boy gambler and lady missionary pure kicking ass in Cuba?

Like, Sister Sarah Brown punches this one chick in the face so hard she stumbles back onto a chair, and the momentum of the punch pushes the chair back across the entire room until it hits the stage but the woman KEEPS MOVING, skidding off the chair and across the stage until she hits the wall, unconscious.

Sarah Brown, people, Sarah Brown, aka. ”If I were a bell I’d still be swinging for these fuckers”






I am ruined for hug fantasies because of the time I dreamed that Robert Pattinson turned up to somebody’s birthday party and gave out free miniskirts.

And there was one I really wanted but by the time I got past the fangirls it was gone

And RPatz saw that I was pissed off and thought I was sad

So his response was “Hey, so the skirts are gone, but I’ll give you something even better.” And he looked into my eyes and said sincerely, “you get to have a conversation… with me.”

Like, he thought he was being so gracious, this was the best gift he could possibly bestow.

So I was like, what the hell, it’s an actor even if I dislike some of his role choices, so I asked him how he’d got into it and stuff and he said: “No, no no no no, tell me about you.”

And so I did, I guess, until this guy came up, a wannabe actor, and tried to muscle in.  Like, I didn’t care about RPatz but if I wasn’t going to get my damn miniskirt I was going to get my damn conversation!

Then RPatz had to leave, but before he left, he hugged me.  It went on for far too long.  I tried to pull away.  He held me tighter.  I tried to pull away again, but he held me tighter and said, “No, no.  You’re going to want to remember this.”

I’ve never been angrier than when I woke up.

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So the neighbours across the road just got a boat delivered.

Not sure what time it is where you are, but here it’s a quarter to midnight.

Late night boat deliveries, anyone?

Scrabble… You wouldn’t like me when I play Scrabble.
—Me, according to Katie

Do you ever feel like your life is mostly time spent between bacon?

A car outside is blasting Dragostea Din Tei


poem about why I’m going to bed

Attempt to continue interneting

Pinkie finger starts freaking out

Calm the fuck down pinkie

It won’t

I’m going to bed

Talking to my mom is like talking to a brick wall

A brick wall that has the magical gift of speech

But doesn’t give a shit what you have to say

Talking to my dad and he said: “English people are easy to get on with, imho,” except he pronounced it like Im-Ho, and then clarified, “honest, not humble.”